Enjoying effortless conversations, crystal-clear entertainment and stress-free meetings WITHOUT breaking the bank.

If you’re dealing with some degree of hearing loss, you’ve probably noticed that it takes a toll on relationships- maybe even your hobbies and work too.

Guess what?  You’re not alone.  48 million Americans are affected by hearing loss.

Maybe your hearing is just fine most of the time, but sometimes, are people hard to understand in noisy places? For example, do you struggle to hear in cars, trains, restaurants, busy kitchens, lively meetings, concerts (really anyplace that has a lot of people or random noises)?

Do you have trouble hearing women or children speak because of the higher pitch?

It’s hard to have rapport with people when background noise drowns out what they’re saying or when their voices cut out.

Connection disappears because you can’t have great conversation, social situations are awkward, friends and loved ones want to talk less- there’s frustration on both sides.

As a result, hearing loss can get in way of what matters most and that’s no way to live.

We get it!  We can help.  People have been Moving Beyond the Sound Barrier™ for over 30 years with our hearing solutions.

Take control of your listening environment with the Quattro® Pro Bluetooth Communication System.  We call it “Q” for short.

The Q Line by ClearSounds® amplifies your ability to stay connected to the world whether you have hearing loss or not.

No more missing out on what’s important.

Background noise and jumbled words will be a thing of the past!

The Quattro® Pro is the Smarter Way to "Q"-municate

Ready to take action against hearing loss?

Connection is the essence of being human.

Every day we question, query, quiz…we communicate. A huge part of communicating is listening—if you have hearing loss, listening takes on a whole new meaning.

Look, no one wants to feel judged, but sometimes that’s how we feel when we constantly misunderstand what’s being said.  Constantly second-guessing what we just heard is exhausting.

There’s only so much smiling and nodding we can do while wondering what people are talking about.

To avoid embarrassment or frustration, we stay off the phone, we avoid going out, we miss out on opportunities and new relationships. Furthermore, people might think we’re not paying attention or that we don’t care…but that’s not true.

Above all, it can be isolating. Missing out on life stinks.

So what solution do most people think of for hearing loss?

Hearing Aids.

They’ve come a long way, but:

  • They’re expensive
  • Talking on a cell phone is harder than it needs to be
  • Background noise is usually still an issue
  • They have a limited tonal range affecting how you hear music, TV, certain voices, etc.

The Quattro® Pro is available at just a fraction of the cost and takes care of all those problems.

With the “Q”, you’ll be able to communicate more effectively and re-connect with what lights you up.


Communication rocks with "Q"!

Hear Everything with the Quattro® Pro Communication System

It’s simple and fun…

This hearing system has three main components that give you endless hearing possibilities: The Quattro® Pro Streamer, removable Bt4 Bluetooth Mic and SmartSound Ear Buds.

The Quattro® Pro Streamer consists of a lightweight, flexible induction loop and main unit you wear like a necklace (even under your shirt) to stream anything that’s Bluetooth-enabled like your cell phone, television, tablet, computer, etc.  You can stay connected to two devices at a time.  Make and answer calls without touching your cell phone!  You can be up to 33 feet away from any paired device.

The ear buds pick up the sound and are hardly noticeable.  You can even plug in your favorite headset in place of the ear buds if you like as well.  This system is so flexible that people with t-coil hearing aids or cochlear implants can pair with the Quattro® Pro to take their hearing devices to the next level.

Detach the Bt4 Bluetooth Mic from the main unit on the induction loop and set it on the table when you’re in a meeting or a busy place to remove background noise and hear what everyone is saying.    

Enjoy superior sound quality; you’ll notice that music comes to life and voices sound crisp and clear.

The Quattro® Pro is the most remarkable customized listening system ever made!

*If your TV is not Bluetooth enabled, pair your Q with the QLinkTV Bluetooth transmitter.

The Quattro® Pro is a smart choice for music lovers

The advanced audio distribution profile lets you to listen to high-quality music on your Quattro® Pro. Wondering what that means? Check out this video.

Imagine Effortless Listening When You Use the Quattro® Pro

Back to My Old Self

Growing up, I never used to get anxious in a crowd or stressed out by a large group of people. I was confident and sharp. So sure of myself- quick on my feet.

When I got older, that confidence served me well at work.  I love what I do!   But, over the years, I started to feel frustrated in social settings.  Talking in a big group felt impossible and meetings totally wiped me out.  I started to avoid places that seemed overwhelming, so meeting up with co-workers after work stopped.

Everyone seemed to be a mumbler or a fast-talker and I had to constantly ask people to repeat themselves.  My friends and co-workers seemed to be avoiding me and cutting their conversations short.  I admit, I was in a bad mood a lot and felt drained after conversations.

My reviews reflected a decrease in performance and my managers said I lacked focus and follow through. That was frustrating because I knew I had more focus than ever.

Headaches and metal fatigue were really getting to me, too.  I knew I had to fix the situation, so I went to see my doctor.

Turns out that I wasn’t sick and didn’t need medication…I have hearing loss. When my doctor referred me to an audiologist instead of writing a prescription, I was in shock. The signs had been there all along, but didn’t register!

Hearing loss isn’t just about volume, it’s about tone and background noise too. I don’t need hearing aids, but need help with clearing up background noise and getting the full range of tone back.

So, my audiologist recommended the Quattro® Pro.

My brain seems more relaxed when I wear it- no more headaches or mental fatigue!

When I told everyone about my hearing loss, it’s like a light bulb went off. They were wondering why I’d seemed so different these past few years and now it all made sense.  I’m reconnecting with friends, work is back on track and now, in meetings, I use my little microphone and can jump into the conversation like I used to.

Today, I feel relieved, excited…and even a little bit emotional. The missing piece of my puzzle is finally in place.

I’m back!

Music is My LIfe

I’ve always loved live shows—the louder, the better.

20 years of standing as close to the stage as I could get means a lot of great memories…but it also means hearing loss.

I know I should’ve worn earplugs, but they look really…lame. You don’t think about your hearing when you’re young and you certainly don’t want to look like a nerd when you’re rocking out at Metallica.

I should’ve worn them anyway, because by the time I was in my late 30s, my hearing was starting to go.  It wasn’t a sudden event…it was more a slow progression.

At first, people had to repeat themselves, especially when I had music on or was cooking dinner.  At the time, I was too self-conscious to do anything about it.

Then, friends started getting annoyed and upset with me for having my music and TV way too loud, but I seriously couldn’t hear it like I used to.

My motto was always, “Crank it up!” anyway.

Truth is, I was in denial about my hearing.

Finally, when I couldn’t enjoy concerts, that was it.  The music would cut out or suddenly run together and I couldn’t hear the vocals.

I went to see an audiologist and she recommended the Quattro® Pro.

I don’t need hearing aids, but definitely need help with background noise and certain tones.

Now, I can really hear the bands I love again and rock out without hurting my ears.  I had no idea how bad my hearing got until I used Quattro® Pro hearing system and could hear the full range of tones again.

I can turn the volume up or down depending on where I am and hear it all.

My friends appreciate not having to yell over the TV and stereo too.

If you’re dealing with symptoms like mine, the Quattro® Pro could really help you out!

Watching TV

The QLinkTV is perfect for any time you’re wearing your Quattro 4.0 neckloop and want to watch TV or your favorite movie at the volume that’s right for you.

In Your Car

Have your passenger clip the omnidirectional QT4 Mic onto their seat belt and enjoy crisp, clear communication on your commute while keeping your eyes on the road.

At a Restaurant

In a busy coffee shop or crowded restaurant, clip the omnidirectional QT4 Mic to your friend’s shirt to catch every precious word they say.

In a Meeting

Place the omnidirectional QT4 Mic in the middle of the conference table and enjoy stress-free listening in meetings and presentations.


with the Quattro® Pro Bluetooth Communication System

Need more information? Download the PDF sales sheet.

Take your listening experience to the next level

QH2 Bluetooth Hub and Phone Amplifier

Save your job. Show ‘em what your capable of! Effortless listening on every call on any phone system.

The QH2 Bluetooth Hub turns any phone into a Bluetooth compatible phone that works with virtually all desk and home phones (with or without cords).

Finally, never strain to hear an important call in the office again!

Make the QH2 Bluetooth Hub a part of your office.

QLinkTV Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

If your TV is not Bluetooth enabled, the QLinkTV is the best TV Bluetooth device you’ve been searching for – it’s that simple.

The QLinkTV is your link to wireless audio.

Think of the QLinkTV as your own personal sound delivery system to your headset or neckloop.

This is the accessory you've been searching for.

Do you have a friend or loved one with hearing loss?

Share how the Quattro 4.0 Bluetooth personal listening system can help them to communicate and connect with the world around them more easily.